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Advice from an experienced Belly Dance Teacher who studied and danced for many years before immigrating the the USA.

Ask these questions before you hire belly dancers for your parties:

1. How old are you and how much do you weigh?
(You don't want a dancer who is 50-80 years old or 300 pounds for your party)

2. Where do you study belly dance and are you a professional?

3. What kind of costume will you be wearing?
(You don't want a dancer to haver her costume put together from the Salvation Army)

Our professional dancers are between 19 and 30 years old. They are slim, trim and very good looking., like a belly dancer should be. Also, they are respectable and professional. They wear very expensive costumes that mostly come from Cairo, Egypt. Our dancers play finger cymbals, and while dancing they interact with the guests. They also dance with swords upon request.

We provide dancers for weddings, birthdays celebrations, graduations, benefit shows and more. Our prices are very reasonable. Call for outside Sacramento


Our dancers are professional they dancet he authentic way and have professionally made costumes. Our dancers have experience and they will make your party more enjoyable and exciting.



This synopsis of the achievements and life of Jodette will reveal a very interesting chapter of one of the best and authentic dancers in the United States.

I will take you to a little background about the inception of belly dancing in the United States. It all began in 1892 at the Chicago World's Fair when the most famous Egyptian belly dancer whose name was" Little Egypt" came with her orchestra to perform at the fair. Little Egypt dazzled the audience with her stunning belly dancing performances; it was a huge success, and hence the introduction of belly dancing in the United States.

There were two other famous World Fairs where Jodette appeared and performed. One was in 1957 in Damascus, Syria, where Jodette not only danced but also sang with other famous dancers and singers. This was repeated at the 1974 World's Fair in Spokane, Wash., where Jodette performed which was a first in the history of World Fairs.

Jodette appeared on more than 250 T.V. channels, and over 300 articles were written about her. Among her other achievements, she danced at famous restaurants and nightclubs; she also worked at the Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, and famous night clubs in Reno.

Jodette was the first authentic belly dancing teacher in the United States, and was the first to open a belly dancing academy in the United States.

Jodette danced for presidents in the Middle East, and also danced at the wedding of King Hussein of Jordan.

Jodette was the first to create a group called Binty Baladi in the late '70s, where the name was subsequently changed to the Jewels of the Nile.

Jodette was the first in the United States to write books about belly dancing and to record and choreograph authentic belly dancing music and belly dancing movements and techniques. So far, she has written three books, and presently she is in the process of writing her memoir and an up-to-date book on the entire history and techniques of belly dancing from its early inception until the present time.

About Us

Jodette's Belly Dancing Academy is voted the best in the Sacramento area.We at Jodette's Belly Dancing Academy teach the authentic belly dancing, and we are voted the best in the Sacramento area. All the belly dancers are trained personally by Jodette, who has a number of years' experience and has perfected the art beautifully.

Come please visit our academy and see how we conduct classes and how our dancers perform.

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All belly dancers are welcome.

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